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Many Lives - Many Stories

Off Season: March 2023

Three couples - steadfast, dependent and divorced - coalesce at a beach town in winter and find themselves pondering what it means to be devoted to loved ones or to personal pursuits.

Is off season the time for renewal or a chance to forge a new path forward? For readers who enjoy fiction about intimacy and aging, and the unexpected obstacles on our way. 


A first collection of short stories about contemporary women, various ages and stages, grappling with the delicate balance between reason and the passions of the heart. Are we the rational creatures we mean to be? 

Making the right decision is a way of finding our best selves. Or not.

On the night of President Obama's second election, a black girl stands her ground against an assault by a white boy. No one disputes the evidence; however, a judge will decide if she goes to trial. Waiting in the courtroom is her blended family: black, white and brown. Intersecting fictional biographies reveal the struggles that have led them to this moment in time and shed light on the modern-day challenge of the millions of Americans grappling with prejudice, still. 

"A novel of resonant stories that combine to form a powerful medication on race."
Kirkus Reviews, March 3rd, 2014

Ten years after Nell lost her husband and son in a tragic accident, she remains a solitary soul, mired in memory. When Anna, Nell's best friend and lifeline, is the victim of another accident, Nell leaves her reclusive existence in New York City to join Anna's family and friends in a vigil. What no one knows is the promise Nell made to Anna to protect her right to die. Can she do what she's been asked and risk losing her last friend?


A tale of friendship, betrayal and learning to let go, or not. 

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