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New Podcast Interview 
@Writers on Writing
The craft of fiction and
the challenge to publish.
With Host/Journalist
Marrie Stone
Listen here. 


Book reviews/reading blog now at Substack

Great options for reading groups. 

Featured in StuNews Laguna:
Off Season as metaphor. 4.7.2003
Featured in Dana Point News
A profile on Off Season: 3.31.2003
Attention Book Groups!

I  am grateful for the more than twenty book groups who follow my work and always happy to join your discussion. East or west coasts!

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Time passes. Relationships change. What does it mean to be devoted in an age of uncertainty.

in the shadow of artists and writers, a mysterious landlord, and the threat of pandemic, an older couple, amicably divorced, spend the winter at a beach town and confront themes of intimacy, the bonds of marriage and friendship, and the inexorable impact of age. 

Contemporary fiction for contemplative readers. 

Heading 6
New Guest Blog
Writing Older Characters
at Women Writers, Women's Books

"Hi Randy, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. You are extraordinarily talented. I look forward to your next book.  Kathleen, Laguna Beach

Recent stories published. 

Anonymous Woman in Typishly.

Rest in Peace in Jewish Literary Journal.

Pas de Deux in Parhelion Magazine.

There and Then at The Write Launch. 

Only Now in Literary Mama!


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Rovner

New Story commissioned by Laguna Beach Literary Arts... presented at Laguna Art Museum 1/20/2020. Inspired by a painting by Kenton Nelson. Read it here!

2022 interview with UC Irvine's Writers on Writing. 

Host Marrie Stone,

We explore the craft of the short story, the issues unique to contemporary women, and the importance of personal narrative.                   Listen to the podcast.  

Guest Blog
Short Stories Soothe the Soul

Special blog on the power of stories to keep us sane when bombarded by mass and social media messages. Soothe your soul - read a story. Read the blog at Women Writers Women's Books

Guest Blog
Age: A Writer's Ally.

Women Writers ,Women's Books. 
Featured Speaker at AAUW Literary Lunch
March 2015, Laguna Beach.
Fantastic event, honored to talk about books. 

"The road goes north and south, you choose which way you go." So goes a thought running throughout the new novel "Colors of the Wheel." The insightful novel captures some of the complexities of race consciousness in America. The well-written segmented character developments blend into a composite of unified reflection on nuances of race, culture and society. Something for everyone. Good discussion novel, especially for white folks. Can't speak for people of color. I've purchased a number of copies to give to friends. 

Ronald S. Moore, San Leandro, California

Surprises at KX 93.5 Radio Interview
"The Friendship Show" with Mark Miller and Scott Hayes. January 2014. "Colors of the Wheel." 
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