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Relationships age as we do, and change, or not.

Intimacy, fidelity, the passing of time, art and literature, past and present, converge in a beach town off season, that time we restore and refresh, and, perhaps, consider a new path ahead.

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From Maple57 Press

What do we owe each other in the name of love?


When Sharon’s ex-husband, Red, invites her to join him on a winter retreat, she agrees. After all, they’ve moved past what ails them, she will be on sabbatical fine tuning a PhD dissertation, and he needs a respite from an illness. Why not enjoy the charms of a southern California beach town off season? 

On the other hand, what else might he have in mind and what will she face if she lets her guard down? 

Soothed by sea breezes and ocean views, they become fascinated with their mysterious landlord and her late partner, a Fauvist painter. Then, Red is befriended by a flirty neighbor and her surfer husband, while Sharon catches the eye of a retiree who shares her literary passions.

Turns out, off season is more than a breather – off season is a promise of renewal. And then, the winds of pandemic blow in.


In prose reminiscent of Meg Wolitzer, Sue Miller and Mary Gordon, OFF SEASON is for readers who enjoy contemplative fiction about intimate relationships, aging, art and literature, and who have ever considered an escape from daily living in the hope of forging a new path.      

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