Joys of fiction...

After a long life writing for newspapers and magazines, and also for

non-profit organizations, at last, a life devoted to fiction.

  • Two novels published.

  • One short play produced. 

  • Now, a collection of short stories.


Colors of the Wheel, a novel about race in America. [2014] 

Signs of Life, a novel about learning to let go. [2016]

Rational Women: Stories about women seeking balance between reason and passion.  [March 2020]


From Maple57 Press. At booksellers and Amazon. 


Eleven stories reveal the consequences of lives ruled by reason at the expense of the heart. Meet the Rational Women...

On a business trip to Lucerne, a widow follows a stranger into the old town… A chemistry professor’s marriage implodes when his wife compounds her discontent… A white novelist writing about racism confronts the disdain of a black critic… A teacher takes her elementary students’ futures into her own hands … An empty-nester confronts an unexpected obstacle to fulfilling her dream… A late-life PhD candidate discovers her ex-husband still has a hold on her heart… A businesswoman questions her values when she learns her dead mother was never buried… A newspaper editor comes face-to-face with her biases when she misses the heart of a story… A once aspiring sculptor struggles to mold her newborn… At court to argue a minor trespass, a model citizen considers her crimes… In Paris to satisfy her mother’s last wish, a docile office manager’s future takes an unexpected turn.